Jul. 24, 2014
Its well known that New York City is becoming a very unwelcoming city for artists and the creatives in general. Its impossible to pay rent and there are way less opportunities then before, but overall the city just lost that flair of originality it used to have. Even Patti Smith have stated recently* that if she was young right now, it's Detroit she would go start a life, not NY.

In High Maintenance, a web series created by couple Katja Blichfeld & Ben Sinclair, you can have a glimpse of all the annoying Wiliamsburg youth and superficial idiots that make you wanna carry a Russian Machine Gun and go Columbine on them, but also, it shows other types of people, those who remind you why you felt in love with this city after all.

Starting with the lead character, played by Sinclair, an absolutely charismatic bike messenger who offers marijuana delivery services. They call him "The Guy", which makes us wonder if they planned an updated Gen Y version of "The Dude".**

The way he interacts with people, and that could be from an old lady who haven't smoked for years to women who just can't murder a rodent trapped in their kitchen, is what often makes the whole series so heart warming. Sinclair is flawless in his humanity and the way he treats every single person with genuine interest and kindness.

Bellow, you can watch two of my favorite episodes. One with the handsome writer who enjoys cross-dressing while procrastinating and one about the day his teenage niece comes visit.

If you are having relationship problems with New York, this might as well work as a good couple therapy. After watching a few episodes, you will trade machine guns for flowers, tell yourself to stop judging and go Woodstock on everyone instead.

All Episodes: https://vimeo.com/channels/highmaintenance

Text by Juliana Mundim.

Patti Smith on NYC/Detroit:

The Dude: